How to Choose the Best Assisted Living Community for Your Loved One

We sometimes must make hard decisions for our loved ones when they can’t make them for themselves. Transitioning them into an Assisted Living community is one of them.

Fortunately, as scary as choosing a senior living community can be, it can be straightforward when you take these actions:

1. Talk to Local Organizations and Healthcare Providers

Some senior living communities offering Assisted Living programs are more highly regarded than others. If you’re unsure which communities would offer the best living arrangement for your loved one, don’t be afraid to talk to local organizations and healthcare providers.

They may be more than happy to provide brochures and verbal recommendations based on their own experiences or those of their clients and associates.

2. Talk to Friends and Family

You won’t be the first person in your friend and family circles to consider Assisted Living communities for a loved one. Talk to friends and family members who have already had to make such a decision. Ask them how they decided on the best community and the features they specifically looked for. They may even be happy to recommend one their loved ones already live in.

3. Read Reviews and Testimonials

Many of the best senior living communities have an excellent online presence with websites and social media pages. Take the time to browse social media, websites, and review platforms to learn more about various Assisted Living communities.

Those who have had good and bad experiences are usually more than happy to share them online to help others make informed decisions for their loved ones.

4. Compare Services and Amenities

Services and amenities can vary from one senior living community to the next. Write a list of everything that would be important and necessary for your loved one and compare the service offerings across multiple communities.

Most highly-regarded Assisted Living communities offer helpful services like daily assistance, 24/7 care, weekly housekeeping, wellness, and more.

5. Schedule Tours

You don’t have to choose a senior living community without seeing one in person. In fact, most reputable communities encourage you to take a look around! When you’ve got a list of potential options for your family member, schedule a personal tour so you can see it in person.

These tours are an opportunity to see the private accommodation, explore the communal spaces, meet the care associates, and ask questions. You may then feel confident to make an informed decision for your senior family member.

6. Check Licensing and Credentials

You want your loved one to be in safe hands when they can no longer live alone safely. Don’t be afraid to ask your preferred senior living community whether they have a license, certificate, and facility ID. These are often published on their websites, but you can also request them. This information can provide peace of mind that they are an established community with the right licensing and credentials to operate safely.

7. Review Contracts and Costs

After choosing what you believe is the best Assisted Living community for your senior loved one, it’s time to review contracts and costs. Carefully review all contract information and pricing to understand the services and level of care you’ll be receiving.

Reading through this information in advance means you’ll have time to ask questions and clarify anything you’re unsure about.

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